Recording Program Music and Photos

Program Feature - Michele Clark Music Video

Enjoy this music that was created by students in our studio recording program. All of these songs are profanity and misogyny free.

Below is some of the music from this semester's program as well as photos from the entire program. Enjoy!


Click any of the songs below to start. Media player will display photo of the student the song belongs to.

Summer 2018

    Barnard Elementary

  • Life
  • Froze
  • Who Would Imagine
  • Last Time
  • The Real Me
  • Like Us
  • Scars To Your Beautiful (Cover)
  • Run It Up
  • Changes (Cover)
  • Dance To Forget (Cover)
  • The Mangle Song (Cover)
  • Listen (Cover)
  • Can You Drip
  • What You Dream About(Cover)
  • When I FIrst...

    Morgan Park HS

  • Best Part feat. KC Flash
  • One Last Time
  • By Myself
  • Waves Remix
  • My Heart Will Go On
  • Rags To Riches
  • Hold In
  • Just A Hobby
  • Fuego
  • Size of Me
  • Flava In Ya Ear Remix (Sypher)

    Horace Mann Elementary

  • Boo'd Up (Cover)
  • Salty
  • How Great
  • Miss KK Freestyle

    South Shore Fine Arts

  • All Eyes On Me
  • It's My Time

    South Shore HS

  • Won't Be Silent

Spring 2018

    Chicago Anthems

  • Chicago Anthem (My City)
  • Chicago Anthem (Chi-Town)
  • Chicago Anthem (City of Go)
  • Chicago Anthem (Survivors)

    James Bowen High School

  • Blinded
  • Count Up
  • But FR

    Hirsch Metropolitan HS

  • Digital
  • Drip
  • Life That I'm Living
  • No Wasted Time
  • Any Means
  • Never Again

    Michele Clark Magnet HS

  • Baby It's You
  • My Grind
  • Our Money
  • Pain
  • Street
  • When I'm Gone

    Morrill Elementary

  • Love Me
  • Everyday Bro (Cover)

Past Programs 2017

    High School Anthems

  • CICS Anthem (Panther)
  • Michele Clark Anthem (MC Crazy)
  • Hirsch Anthem (Hirsch Gang)
  • Bowen HS Anthem (The Anthem)

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